AMERICAN FLEET RECRUITING (AFR) offers quality truck driver recruitment services to help trucking companies meet their customer demands. Our team consists of experienced recruiters, directors, and marketing experts that work with one goal in mind; driving immediate results for you and your customers!

AFR’s “Quality First” approach and flexible operating structure is tailored to each client. When tested, we consistently produce better results than other 3rd party firms. The road to higher seated truck count, lower cost-per-hire, and improved margins begins with your relationship with AFR!

With carrier turnover rates averaging more than 130%, a fleet of 5,200 would have to hire more than 7,000 drivers per year just to maintain that level of seated trucks (at a whopping cost of $56M).

The average recruitment cost is $8,234 per driver.

Carrier Recruiting Solutions

AFR is the alternative to more advertising spend and expensive headcount increases.

We are a low, fixed cost-per-hire recruiting service! In other words, we are only paid for truck drivers, owner operators, and lease driver applicants that are submitted and hired by your company.

How? We market, advertise, pre-qualify, and professionally present your company to truck drivers nationwide. Our retention rate is often higher than our client company’s rate because our seasoned recruiting professionals don’t sell the position; we sell the driver on the company that is right for them, and how they like to work / live.

Why Us?

Since 2013, we have been increasing the efficiency in which we are able to market, advertise, present and ultimately partner with our carrier companies.

We are not your typical, smile-and-dial recruiting company. Our targeted market analysis gives us access to the gold standard driver that is not always available to every random call, or ad that pops up on digital media or traditional marketing formats.

We have a dedicated Marketing and Advertising team, resulting in 1000s of hot leads received on a weekly basis. We are able to contact our lead in an average time of 5 minutes or less. When it comes to conversion rates, slow to contact is about as bad as no contact. While the driver waits to hear from you, he is probably still being recruited by other fleets.

We know what drivers want and what they need. How? Because we ask them, it’s that simple. These requirements become part of the formula that we use in selecting candidates that we present to our customers.

Average weekly revenue per truck is $3800.

Our lead conversion rate is higher than most carriers. Every lead or job inquiry is touched at least three times before it is abandoned. We place the well-motivated driver before they are overwhelmed by other recruiter calls.

We have designed a recruiting system that is flexible, transparent, and seamless. We can customize how we operate to fit the way your team works. Our interactions are from a single point of contact and will not interrupt your normal operations (with the occasional celebratory cheers from your team).

“Average national van rate averages are at $1.90 per mile, 11 cents higher than May.”
– June 2019

Our fee for placement structure means that there is no risk for you and your company. In fact, utilizing our service will allow you to increase your number of placements and decrease your Cost-per-Hire. A placement from AFR typically pays for itself the first week with your company.

Our cost to provide drivers is substantially lower (typically 1/3) than the carrier. This is due in part to respond almost immediately to our applicants’ inquiry. Our applicant response time is less than 5 minutes on average.

Our referrals are screened according to your hiring guidelines, and when applicable, handed off to your in-house Recruiter. We offer retention warranty pricing packages. Subject to specific terms. Speak with your Account Manager for additional detail.

AFR can be up and running within a matter of days, and in most cases will begin submitting qualified, well-screened referrals that same week.

Drivers Needed

How It Works

Make the call!

Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

  • No Cost to start
  • Negotiable rates
  • Easy, flexible terms
  • Low cost-per-hire
  • Immediate Results
  • Pay for results only
  • Up and running in days / referrals within a week!


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